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The Second Biennial Conference on Expression, Language, and Music* (ELM2) follows the inaugural conference held in Aug 20-22, 2022. The first ELM Meeting featured Tecumseh Fitch, Kathleen Higgins, Ray Jackendoff, Jerrold Levinson, Elizabeth Margulis, Isabelle Peretz, and Ljiljana Progovac as keynote speakers and was a great success, fostering insightful discussions and collaborations among scholars from diverse disciplines.

ELM2 will bring together researchers from linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science, music theory, dance theory, anthropology, and neurobiology with the aim of integrating recent findings and insights from diverse perspectives concerning the significance of expression in music, dance, and language, the importance of systematic structure in these domains, and the interrelations between expressive, musical, and communicative capacities and their relevance for understanding music cognition and language and their emergence in ontogeny and phylogeny.

Although this conference will be held in person, talks will be broadcast via Zoom. If you plan to join remotely, please choose the “Broadcast” option when registering. (Registration not open yet)

*By coincidence, there is another conference titled ELM3 which will be held between June 12-24, 2024.

Core Organizing Committee

Dorit Bar-On (UConn, Philosophy; ECOM)

Stefanie Acevedo (UConn, Music)

Gerry Altmann (UConn, Psychology; IBACS)

Erika Skoe (UConn, SLSH; IBACS)

Whit Tabor (UConn, Psychology)

Harry van der Hulst (UConn, Linguistics)

Aliyar Ozercan (UConn, Philosophy; ECOM; IBACS)